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Tips for Crossdressers - Creating breasts and cleavage

September 10, 2010 |  by

Creating cleavage and breasts is very important for every crossdresser, especially that boobs are seen as an element which significantly improves a crossdresser`s chances of being passable as a female. There are many methods of creating cleavage and somehow "tricking" people into believing that you actually have natural breasts, some of these methods can involve showing the superior part of the breast or fully covering them. However, having nice cleavage and breasts that resemble silicone implants by creating cleavage isn`t hard at all, and it`s cheap and easy, too.

Some crossdressers like to go for the simple thing, such as fake breasts. They feel almost natural when touched, but yet, you can`t really expose them because it often happens that your skin colour doesn`t match the one of the fake breasts (they`re colour is usually lighter than your skin tone), so everybody could spot the difference and figure out that they`re not natural. Therefore, if you still wanna go for fake breasts and not for cleavage, my advice is to hide them under a blouse, so the shape and texture resembles the one of the natural, real breast when touched.

I remember watching some tutorials on YouTube where a drag queen told her secret about boobs: she uses thick balloons which she fills up with water, but it`s quite risky because generally speaking, when men grab your boobs they tend to squeeze or pinch a little (never understood why, but still) and having water dripping all over you is so not an option when you`re wearing a 5000 $ dress!

As said earlier, all crossdressers can now enjoy the benefits of silicone bras and a nice cleavage. You know, those bras which stick to your breast and you simply pull them together, this way creating cleavage? Well, try using a couple or even more such silicone bras, placing them one on top of the other then close the clips, and you will see how your flat chest is suddenly transformed, and you`ll be a busty, hot looking lady thanks to the cleavage! Don`t worry, the silicone bras are very sticky and easy to clean, so they won`t slip! One of the biggest advantage of silicone bras is that you don`t have to have breasts at all, because basically these bras pull your existing flesh forming breasts (creating cleavage) which has the exact shape of the natural boob.

Another way of creating breasts is to use a special foam or breasts made of gel, they`re perfect for every crossdresser. They feel 100% natural when touched, and they`re not expensive either.

However, if you ask me, I believe that full timeĀ  crossdressers that feel good dressed as women should go for implants. This way, you won`t have to worry about creating breasts or how to make them look natural, because silicone implants will never be old fashioned, and this is a known fact!

If you have any other "tricks" and girl secrets about how to make breasts that you want to share with the other crossdressers, please feel free to send a comment!

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  1. i a crossdresser i love to grow big breast like a female what can i do

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