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How to Spice Things up in a Gay or Lesbian Relationship!

A Menage-a-trois will definitely spice things up in your gay, lesbian or heterosexual relationship! Photo Source:

How to Spice Things up in a Gay or Lesbian Relationship!

August 23, 2010 |  by

Inevitably, it often happens that routine and same old habits interfere with your life as a couple, sooner or later. It can happen after a couple of months of relationship, or after twenty years of marriage. Sometimes, you feel like your relationship is getting a bit rusty, and in order to avoid any potential break up or divorce you  need to think of things which could spice things up a bit in your gay or lesbian relationship.

One of the most used "strategies" for saving old gay or lesbian relationships bound by the awful routine is to try the well-known "menage-a-trois", as the French call it. Many people told me that after they had intimate contact with a third person, their relationship significantly improved, they became more open minded and "routine" was definitely out of their vocabulary.

Personally, I wouldn`t go for a menage a trois with my boyfriend. Call me old fashioned, but I don`t like to share - what`s mine is mine. It`s true, a person is not a property and will never be, but on the other hand, the same person isn`t a train station either, right?!

Besides this, another method for spicing things up a bit in your gay or lesbian relationship would be trying all those sexy naughty games you`ve all heard about. Dices with different positions, maps for finding the erogenous zones or you can simply place a huge heart-shaped mirror on your ceiling and see yourself while having intimate contact. For most people, having a mirror on their ceiling right above the bed is the supreme turn on and would definitely improve the situation in their gay or lesbian relationship. If you ask me, I`ve always found that HOT !!!

Hmm... menage a trois, sexy games... what`s left? Oh yeah, besides these two options, if you think about making some improvement in your gay or lesbian relationship but you`re clueless, try a holiday. Yeap, that`s right! A last minute holiday can save your relationship or marriage, see it as an escapade. Besides, everybody enjoys hearing those magic words: "Honey, pack your bags, we have a flight to Miami to catch tomorrow morning!". Delightful, I`m telling you!

To sum up, I`d like to tell my readers that no matter the problems you`re encountering with in your gay or lesbian relationship, before ending everything I advice you to keep in mind that it`s pretty hard to find a trustworthy partner who wants to have a relationship and who`s also compatible with you from all points of view, especially that we`re talking about the relatively small LGBT community. Besides, all couples have troubles sooner or later. Since most of them have something to do with the intimacy, I believe that this is the part where you should do something.

I hope my advices were useful. However, if you have any other suggestions or ideas about how to improve the situation of a lesbian or a gay relationship, please feel free to leave a comment, thank you!

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