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Homosexuality and the Artistic Side of Us

Homosexuality and the Artistic Side of Us

January 20, 2012 |  by

There appears to be a strong link between homosexuality and our artistic side. The connection between art and homosexual behavior dates back to thousands of years ago. To completely understand the connection you have to look at the history of art and homosexuality.

Artists with the same sex desires have played a major role in the creation of art especially within the last century. A complete account of the 20th century artists who were thought to be homosexual would come close to a chronicle by modern art in its entirety.

Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethrope found themselves on the outside of the established arts world very early in their careers. These two people became popular largely in part because of the homoerotic themes their work seemed to demonstrate. Warhol and Mapplethrope were two very talented and creative people.

The Ancient Greeks sanctioned a role for homosexual or gay behavior between males of different ages. Apparently, the Greeks were not as invested in identity as we are today.

I have observed that gay men are definitely more creative and artistic. My personal feeling is that the connection between homosexuality and art is genetic. I have read several studies that imply that homosexuality is not a choice and that nothing influences a person to turn or become gay. Homosexuality is more or less a trait in which is determined before a person is born.

I was fascinated to learn that two of my close family members are openly gay. I am grateful to an extent to be able to interact with someone whom is gay on a regular basis. I have noticed that homosexuals are very intensive and appear to be very intelligent and detail orientated.

The fact that many homosexuals are detail orientated and intense may be a contributing factor to their sexuality and interest in the arts. Being skilled in the arts is a gift that many people do not possess. Being able to sit down and draw practically anything with almost perfect detail is true gift that gay people seem to have.

Homosexuals appear to sketch or draw things that are soothing or pleasurable. I have witnessed homosexual men pick up a pen and pad and within minutes come up with a beautiful drawing of a flowing stream with beautiful birds, clouds, the bluest sky. These are all things we think about but are unable to draw with absolute perfection.

I have gained great respect for homosexuals. I feel that the world is a better place because of the difference the gay community has made in the area of art and creativity. I believe that the word “gay” no longer carries the stigma that it had at one time.

To completely understand the link between homosexuality and art you would probably have to examine the human brain from a scientific perspective. It is completely unnecessary to go as far as examining the human brain in an attempt to find answers.

It is important to accept the great contributions society has received from a group of individuals that society once treated as if they were not even human. The mistreatment of gays and lesbians in years past is absolutely barbaric and inhuman. We are all human beings and deserve to be treated with a decent amount of respect.

In conclusion, the contributions the gay community has made and will continue to make should be respected even though we may not completely understand. Perhaps, homosexuals have been given a very special gift from God above. The gift that homosexuals may have is something that we may never understand but we can only appreciate.

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  1. I think that gay people have a wider point of view... that's the explanation.

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