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The Gwen Araujo story

J.D.Pardo as Gwen Araujo

The Gwen Araujo story

May 30, 2010 |  by

I am going to present you one of the LGBT related movies that I like the most, called the Gwen Araujo story. The action of this movie focuses on the life of a transgender teenager, Gwen Araujo, that was brutally murdered by four men after they found out that she is transgendered. Since the Gwen Araujo story is based on real facts, I think this makes the movie even more shocking and it is really worth seeing.

It all begins with the childhood of Gwen Araujo, her family, her very few friends and anniversaries after which there are shown the first signs which indicate that Gwen Araujo is a transgender. At first, nobody took this thing in serious, not even her mother, but after a while when they realised that it is not okay things began to change, little by little.

As a transgender teenager, the life for Gwen was hard, not being able to have somebody to love or share passions with. She falls in love with a straight guy who is unaware of the fact that Gwen Araujo is a transgender and at the beginning things are really working better than they both have expected. After Gwen`s mom tells her boyfriend that her daughter is a transgender, he going crazy and doesn`t want to know anything else about her, thing that saddens Gwen.

Gwen Araujo is single and depressed so she gets drunk and she accepts the invitation of four of her former highschool classmates to come to a party. After a while, they began to hit on Gwen, beating her for 5 hours and after that they burried her in the back yard. The movie ends with a trial in which the three men are being charged for murder and so the criminals of Gwen Araujo are convicted to spend many years behind the bars, as they deserve.

When I saw this movie for the first time, I was absolutely shocked by the cruelty of those young men and the sheer hate that was inside them. They just kept on beating Gwen until she stopped breathing and after that, without showing any sign of regret or remorse, they went to a restaurant and had dinner. It is unbelievable that things like this can actually happen in the 21st century.

To sum up, I would recommend everybody that wants to see the reality we are dealing with to watch the Gwen Araujo movie. It is pure truth, the movie only reflects the things that happened in October 2002.

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  1. ;-) I am not gay or transgender. I m a biological woman and a mother of two. I watched the Gwen Araujo Story and cried as if I had known this beautiful. I believe that all people should be treated equally and that these kinds of tragedys should never happen. I also watch RuPauls shows all the time. I am amazed about how beautiful all the woman are on that show. People like you are not only blessed but strong and those of you that acknowledge who you really are possess a courage that even I dont have. So RIP sweet Gwen and those of us that remain living please continue to teach compassion, love, and understanding to those around you. Many blessings to those that are still struggling.. Hold your heads up mama's...

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