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Meet gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual singles

What do you think about LGBT singles?

Meet gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual singles

June 5, 2010 |  by

if you are part of the LGBT community, then you must have asked yourself at least once where is the best place to meet single people, get in touch with others like you and share experiences and thoughts and who knows, maybe something more will occur in time. I`m going to give you a few tips related to the places where you can find and date lesbian, transgender, gay and bisexual singles.

There are so many online dating sites that make everything seem easier. Dating Sites for lesbians and gays are the most wanted, therefore the Internet is full with such sort of sites. Just tipe the keywords in the search engine and you`ll be amazed by the results you will find. Create an account, upload a picture and start chatting, `cause you`ll never know when the luck is going to hit you!

Besides the dating sites for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual singles, there are also meeting spots that only people from the LGBT community know. For example, the cafeteria in the corner would be a place for gay men to gather on Friday night and watch the football match. Meeting spots are cool, but you should take care when going for one because you might just run into a hetero guy or girl that just doesn`t like being approached by a person belonging to the same gender!

There are also hundreds of thousands of LGBT bars and clubs worldwide where the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual singlesĀ  from the LGBT community gather each weekend to have a drink, dance a bit and meet other people. I think that LGBT bars are a great opportunity to meet singles, but on the other hand they are not so good if you choose to be a discreet, in the closet person. And don`t forget, play safe !!!

If you ask me, these would be the main ways to meet gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual singles. But hey, on the other hand, if you`re a straightforward and sociable person I think that you can meet singles even in a straight bar of disco, as long as you are not getting too insistent!

To sum up, I just want to let you know that there is nothing to beĀ  ashamed of when going to LGBT bars if you feel like doing it and meet people. Going to such sort of bars doesn`t make you look ridiculous or anything, especially when you want to meet somebody special and forget about the loneliness.

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  1. You know. The saddest thing is to see couples of lesbian girls together so happy.. I seem they were just BORN together.. Here in Rome there's the coming-out. But I'm to emotioned to go into this bar.. Always.. And with the fact I feel man, I mean.. Lesbian girls want to meet women. Heterosessual women want real men. I'm here. In the half. Love doesn't exist so I've lost also every desire to know other people "like me" or not.

  2. Not much for the bar scean. I like hanging out at Starbucks. I go to an MCC Church which I love. Most people are connected. I would love to find a girl in my neighborhood that doesn't mind my transportation being the bus.

  3. CANADA, OSHAWA, Ontario
    Time to look for a lady to share my older years with.

  4. same here girl ... im not much into bars/clubs ... im looking for a lady

  5. Yes, same here, im a young lesbian who looks for someone to be together, i want a real lady to be mine, im not much into bars and clubs, i prefer walking in the beach at night with a good company and things like these, only for me and her.

    I wish i could find her, to have her by my side, even though shes far from me, even though i have to search for her all over the world.

    Sometimes i feel so alone, like a could never be happy, i just want to stay home, see no one, in the bed, so down, so depressed... God! i cant take it anymore!

  6. Ana, that is so nice... :)

    I hope you'll find one the "the one".

  7. I am a transgender transitioning man to women. I'm abt 60 and just want a real relationship with a safe kind, ftm or possibly a not-transgender man... not easy

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