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Gay & Lesbian Couples Versus Heterosexual Couples - Any difference?

Love`s universal!

Gay & Lesbian Couples Versus Heterosexual Couples - Any difference?

July 24, 2010 |  by

One of the main reasons why same sex marriages and adoptions by same sex couples are not approved is that gay couples or lesbian couples are said to have certain "dysfunctionalities" in comparison to heterosexual couples. They can`t have kids on their own and not only The Church but also the majority of the people claim that a gay or lesbian couple can`t raise a child, and by getting married they do nothing but offend religions with this attempt to "ruin" the  traditional family. Is it really like this? Are there so many differences between gay couples, lesbian couples and heterosexual ones? I seriously doubt this, because in the end it is love that makes us all the same, even if we got different tastes or perceptions.

It is known that it`s NOT the sexuality of an individual that helps him or her maintain a relationship and create  a strong connection with somebody. The ability to communicate, to love and to know when to listen to the other one are the main qualities the perfect lover must have, and these qualities can be met not only in heterosexual couples but also in gay and lesbian couples. It`s true, two gay guys or two lesbians have a disadvantage when it comes to the differences between them and the heteros, because from the very beginning people tend to have prejudices, so they`re "classified" right from the start.

Throughout time, many people have tried to find the answer to the question "Why are some couples so strong and have such a special bound that keeps them together for many years?". In the end, it seems that it`s love, love works its magic on both LGBT couples and heterosexual ones. When making a comparison between these two, we should be as impartial as possible and try to stick to the topic.

I believe that it is up to each and every one of us to create a special bound with somebody and to have the power of maintaning it for a long time. When talking about children, I believe that this would be one of the main differences when comparing a gay couple to a heterosexual one, because it is more difficult for a LGBT couple to raise a child. Kids are curious and you can`t always explain them everything due to certain reasons. In addition to this, children of a gay couple use to be mocked on at school or even in their friends circle for having parents belonging to the same gender, so I think that heterosexual couples got a plus on this one. Why? It`s simple, they see gay couples and lesbian couples as "abnormal", while straight couples are the majority, the "normality" and will continue to be so.

Talking about common points now, although most of the gay guys are said to be shallow and basically unable to maintain a relationship, I have friends that managed to be next to somebody for quite a long. I know a lesbian couple which has been lasting for 12 years, and the girls told me that they love each other more and more with every day that passes. This is one of the common points between a heterosexual couple and a gay/lesbian couple: they can be constant in feelings and plans and the partners are faithful to each other (with minor exceptions, hehe).

I gotta admit that at first I was quite sure I would find enough common points/differences between LGBT couples and heterosexual ones, but seems that there isn`t too much to talk about this, at least I don`t  have anything else in mind. They seem to be to be quite the same, don`t you think so?

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  1. Life is indeed an elusive reality that transcends both the words and concepts of existence nor non-existence, yet exhibits the qualities of both. It is the mystic entity of all things.

  2. Gay rights are human rights.Everyone has (or should have) the right to marry who they love without government or societal interference. Marriage doesn't need to be protected from gay people. Gays pose no threat to anyone's relationship. Those who say so are only reacting out of fear – without a rational basis.

    The sheer hypocrisy about 'protecting marriage' when many heterosexual people make a mockery out of it on a daily basis needs to it. It's OK to have an opinion either way about it, but at least let's be honest about it.

    I don't want ANYBODY telling me who I can/can't marry or deny me the same rights heterosexual couples get. As for kids, they'll be alright. All they need is love, guidance and acceptance. Both gay and straight parents can provide that.

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