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Common types of gay men

How bad stereotypes are?

Common types of gay men

July 3, 2010 |  by

As you probably know if you`re used to going to LGBT bars or if you have accounts on gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender dating sites, gay men usually split in categories. Generally speaking, people are all different, we have different perceptions and certainly different tastes or appearance and this is what makes us unique or attractive. Well, more or less attractive...! So, as I said, there are different tipes of gays and they usually classify according to their looks, brains (if any), purposes or ...level of self esteem! So:

1. Brainless Adonis.

People would describe the perfect man as " with muscles, great smile, six pack, tall, blonde hair and blue eyes... Oh my GOD and look at that bulge! " You see pictures with guys like this if you search for a gay blog, a true delight for most of you. Perfect so far, but what`s the flaw of this gay stereotype? He talks, and all the magic is wasted with the first phrase that comes out of his mouth.

2. It`s money, honey!

Young and hung, enjoying life at it`s fullest... but who pays for the bills and the tuition? Working? Such a stud doesn`t work, so he`d rather work(with) his body instead of waking up early in the morning, get pissed off and stressed at work and besides... this causes wrinkles!

3. Hi. Asl. Cm? Position? Top/Bttm? Aww..btw, name?

Yeah, you`ve probably met this type of gay men as well, mostly on gay dating sites or on LGBT blogs. Well, he`s the type who doesn`t really waste time speaking with others, he`d rather go straight to the subject instead of doing that. If you`re lucky enough, maybe he`ll remember your name when you meet!

4. The "Forever in denial" type.

This doesn`t need any introduction, so I`m simply gonna give you an example: " So dude, you`re really the cutest gay I`ve seen! / WHAT ?! I ain`t gay, I`m BI !!! / Aww... but... how come, if you`re 32 and you haven`t had a girlfriend ?! / .... I ... ONLY HAD AFFAIRS, ALRIGHT??? Any more questions??? ".

5. Just... don`t tell my wife, okay?

I have to admit that I never understood why some people prefer to marry women only for the sake of their parents. I mean, I`ve met cases when purely gay men married women (no, not because they felt the need of a family, but simply because they were too afraid to stand up for themselves). Therefore we have husbands cheating on their wives with... guys. What would their kids say if they found out? "How was it, daddy?" ?

6. The "I`m new..." gay type.

Besides the types of guys mentiones above, there is this category of gays which are forever new in the LGBT community. They`re the same old gays but they prefer to erase and create profiles just to resemble a new one. This is how they pretend to be, maybe it makes them feel better.

Example: " So Andrew, you told me on MSN you`re new in this gay world... / Yes Jamie I did, and I`m a bit shy... haven`t done it with guys before.../ Uhm... Andrew? What`s with that "I give awesome BJs" badge on your desk? And the *ildo collection under the bed...? / Ermmmmm... it`s..... it`s my neighbour`s, he asked me to... hide them from his parents, I swear !!! ".

I guess that would be it, and no LGBT blog would be complete without a funny article about the gay stereotypes! I hope this doesn`t offend anybody, my sole purpose was to write something funny to cheer up your day! So... have you ever come across such types? Care to share about the experience?

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  1. god that was depressing.

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