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How Gay Video Sites Can "Heal" Humanity?

July 2, 2012 |  by

Almost since the beginning, the world of adult video has been largely dominated by heterosexual tastes and preferences. That’s not really surprising considering that statically speaking, most people self-identity as straight.

LLike every other industry, the adult film market is profit-driven, so of course filmmakers were going to appeal to the largest demographic they could, especially in those early days when resources for mass production and distribution of adult materials were limited.

Unfortunately, the focus on straight sex left a large chunk of the population isolated, cut off not just from the types of porn that could appeal to them, but also from their own sexuality to a great degree. Thankfully the rise of the internet and an increased level of social acceptance towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people has allowed a large segment of the world’s population to establish a healthier relationship with their own sexuality. Gay adult video sites are helping with that process.

One of the most important aspects of adult video sites, like Gayalizer for example, that cater to gay men is that they allow viewers to explore their reactions to certain types of sexual activity without actually having to engage in the behavior that they are watching! There are many obstacles that can come with exploring same-sex sexual desires outside in the real world. There’s finding the courage to come out and own your sexuality in the eyes of society; the challenge of finding and sharing desires with people who feel the same; the danger inherent in engaging in almost any type of sexual activity with another person. Just the initial act of questioning and attempting to define your sexuality is complicated enough. It makes sense then for a person to be able to go online and explore by the act of observing what it is that appeals to them specifically before they just jump outside and try it.

This brings up another important quality of gay adult video sites: the ability to access these sites from home, with almost complete anonymity. There were times when the only way a person could view explicit acts between people of the same sex was to leave the home and go to a venue that offered access to these types of things. That could mean going to a club or theater, and at the least interacting with a doorman, and at the most running into someone you knew there. Even going to an adult video or bookstore offered its own perils: what if someone spotted your car in the parking lot? Or if the clerk gave you a strange look of judgment when you brought your purchases to the counter? For some people, even delivery of adult goods through the mail felt like a risky proposition.

The world is different now, and people interested in exploring their sexuality can easily access a gay adult video site, and in doing so experience a sexual environment that caters directly to their tastes and needs and desire for discretion. They don’t even need to join a generalized “adult" site and wade through oceans of straight porn in the hopes of finally finding what it is that appeals to their unique desires. There are sites now for every taste, and it’s surprising sometimes how... anonymity can bring people closer together, and leave them feeling not-so isolated.

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