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Best moments to Begin Male-to-female Transition.

September 2, 2010 |  by

As known, the best moment to begin hormone replacement therapy (aka the first step towards the male-to-female transition) is at the beginning of the puberty (around the age of 12-13). Beginning with that age, the body starts to produce testosterone, testosterone being the male hormone responsible for the secondary male gender characteristics (wide shoulders, large hands, male voice and so on and so forth).

What the hormone replacement therapy does is to prevent the body of a biological male from producing testosterone, and also "insert" estrogen, the female hormone which is responsible for secondary female gender characteristics (waist, high-pitched voice, small shoulders and overall a feminine appearance). By doing the HRT (hormone replacement therapy), male-to-female transgenders somehow trick their body in such a way that it will develop just like the body of a biological female, and the hormone levels will be reversed: low testosterone level & high estrogen level.

However, not every transgender is able to start the hormone replacement therapy when they`re at puberty, due to a series of factors: the society in which they live, financial situation or parent`s mentalities that aren`t very open most of the time. Those who are able to begin HRT around the age of 12-13 are indeed happy transgendered persons, because they will be very passable as females when they grow up, and we all know how important it is for a transgender person to be passable, especially when it comes to being accepted in the society or having a workplace.

Male-to-female transgenders who begin the hormone replacement therapy a bit later (35+) have less chances to develop a feminine body. At the age of 20, for instance, the human body is still able to adapt to a new hormone and get the feminine physical traits (although the secondary male characteristics have efficiently developed), but the older you get, the harder it is for a male-to-female transgender to become a passable female. Anyway, if the hormones don`t help you too much, remember that there are a series of esthetic surgeries that work like magic, and basically all you need to do is to have the necessary money for them and ambition, if you really want to be passable as a female.

Remember, it`s NEVER too late for a male-to-female transgender to begin transition. It`s never too late to begin living your life for real. Don`t pay attention to anybody, just listen to what your mind tells you and act accordingly.

I apologize but I am not very informed regarding female-to-male transition, so I will not give any details about it.

I would be more than happy to answer any question regarding male-to-female transition, especially about HRT, GRS and aftercare, visits to the psychologist/psychiatrist and the changes that your body will be facing throughout time. Please feel free to leave a comment and I will reply.

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  1. I'm 34 now and started hrt a little over a year ago. I'm not completely passable but I think I'm kinda cute. I've heard rumors that hrt will cause your feet to shrink slightly. Right now I'm in a womens size 11. Sometimes 12 depending on the shoe style. Fpr example pointy shoes tend not to work in size 11. And my breasts are developing nicely. Are there any other pluses I can look forward to

  2. Hello Rebecca. Unfortunately, your feet, hands and shoulders will not change in any way. However, look closely to your waist and you will definitely see changes. Besides, your skin texture will significantly improve and somehow change and you will see that your body hair will begin to grow slower and slower. In some cases, due to hormone replacement therapy that transgenders use, the body hair gets a bit whiter if it`s black (happened to me). Breasts will also develop, but if I remember well it takes up to five years for a transgender to have breasts identical to those of a genetic woman.

  3. So much information... thank you for sharing..

  4. Thank you so much for this information...i agree it's never too late to start transition..
    and yes your hands and feet to stay the same size no matter what you take. it's an old-wives tale ( LOL ) why i think that's funny -no idea...

    The other day while with a Dear friend of mine Her GG friend commented to Her "Tina is very nice pretty woman, but She has large hands ? "

    Oh well, nobody can have it all !

  5. So I am curious, if a transperson decides to do hormone therapy, but doesn't want to get rid of their penis, what happens? I'm sorry if this is worded awkwardly. my partner is currently non-transitioning and i am wondering what would happen if he (she) just did hormone therapy.

  6. Well, only a doctor can answer that question correctly, all I know is that there are thousands of non-operative transgender women who are on hormones. You can keep your male genitalia, but the hormone replacement therapy will definitely affect its functions, although these effects do vary from one individual to another.

    However, if your partner would start transitioning (again, i advice seeing a doctor first), the first changes would be the development of breast, waist and feminine features, overall (maybe a small change in the voice too - I experienced it). These transformations are influenced by the age (a 18 yo has more chances to look feminine and passable than a 40 yo for instance that just started transitioning - although this is not a rule).

    Hope I helped!

  7. If i was to start at age 27 would i have a difficult time in becomeing passable? and how should one go about taking the first step if they dont want to let anyone from there "stright" life know(aka Parents and family) until the transition is already well along the way? Truley looking for advise

  8. Dear Kylie,

    I cannot express myself in this situation, since it is all about genes. It may not be diffcult to start transitioning when you are 27 if you have good genes and if you have fine physical/facial traits. However, the best person who can advice you regarding this matter is your doctor, who`ll also prescribe you a hormone replacing treatment, if you decide to transition.
    Remember, ambition is the key, and with a little bit of help from the doctors and maybe from the esthetician (if needed), you can look great and, the most important, STAY HEALTHY!

    Keep in touch, take care!

    P.S.: About your parents: you can start the hormone replacing therapy without letting them know anything if you think this is for the best, but the changes will be visible in time, and then maybe they`ll start asking you some questions. However, you might want to consider seeking help from a psychologist that can advice you better regarding this issue (this worked for me!)

  9. I have wanted to start HRT for years, but have just now gotten serious. I am 60 years old and can no longer deny that I want to be female. Is this too late? I really want to be female.

  10. Hello Everyone.
    As known, the best moment to begin hormone replacement therapy (aka the first step towards the male-to-female transition) is at the beginning of the puberty (around the age of 12-13). Beginning with that age, the body starts to produce testosterone, testosterone being the male hormone responsible for the secondary male gender characteristics (wide shoulders, large hands, male voice and so on and so forth).
    Sounds Very fine for me since im 13 years old.. All my life Ive wanted to be a girl, but I got some problems to persuade my parents about it, They are not open for it and would not allow me to do it in my age they say I need to think more about it or push it away.
    Any tips :?: Ive taking my resolution and that is I want to be a girl. And I would do it using HRT-Estrogen.

  11. Hello,

    I am 18 years old and I know that inside I'm a female. If I wanted to begin transition, how would I go about getting hormones? And will I be able to lok passably female?

  12. I'm 21 and I have had these feelings of wanting to become a girl since I was 13, but considering the society I grew up in, voicing this would be next to suicide. I've kept it to myself for so long, I have no idea how to come out with it, how to begin these treatments, nor which doctor to go to about all of this. I can't possibly go to the family doctor for fear of him telling my family. I live in Tampa, Fl so I don't know of any doctor in this state who specializes in this(if indeed one must specialize in it). My biggest issue, is being able to accept myself and do RLE(Real Life Experience). I know what I want to be, but having to go out and dress like it to me seems so utterly difficult considering the lifestyle I've forced myself into doing. I want out, but I haven't a clue as to where to start. Should I truly move away somewhere away from my family, restart my self and come back in the hopes that my family will accept me? I'm wrecked in my mind as to how things could possibly go wrong. I've never once thought of what could make me happy in any of my relationships, whether familial or significant others. So, my biggest questions are these; What kind of doctor do I see in order to speak more clearly of HRT? What steps are best to take for someone as fearful as I of the consequences of taking such an enormous step towards accepting myself?

  13. At age 26 I started HRT but I did not start going out as a girl until I was 28. The effects was nice and passable as a girl, I just did not have to be overdressed otherwise things will get to obvious. At age 30 I got more feminine and much more passable and people can no longer tell I was a guy before. I miss this stage... because at 31 I stopped HRT and reverted back because of love. Now I'm 34 and I want my girl life back, because besides being happy with my partner, I just still feel too empty being not me. It is consuming me... My partner knows everything, and i am back to HRT now. I hope the results will come back since my body have already experienced it before... I'm just hoping...

  14. Hi there, I'm female and plan on remaining one, but I figured this would be the best place to ask! I have hair growing on my chin, a lot of it which I hate and pluck and it causes acne scars. I'd like to get rid of it permanently. It seems from my research that going to a dermatologist and getting laser treatment is the best way to go. I also read you may have to go back multiple times because some hair maybe fallow. How many times do you find you treat one area and have to go back? And what kind of reduction takes place after one visit? I also read it would wind up costing 1,000, so if this is typical please also let me know, thanks.

  15. I started hormone therapy in my mid fifties... it so slow ... i am 2 yrs into it.... have seen changes but not enough... my doctor says it takes at least 5 years.. yes i've seen some changes... but i want my face and body to look more feminine.

  16. All trace holidays to March 8!!!

  17. Hello Guys or girls, HRT it's not the real solution. You can die with.
    Go to read what is doctor Jonathan Wright said before and what happened after HRT. There is a natural way to change without danger of heart attack or cancers. I'm not gay or lesbian, I'm not doctor, just curious. Be curious too before to make this step.

  18. I am a 20 year old male. Merried and have two girls but I am and have been a woman deep inside and my wife nows I whant to have the swich over but I don't know how to go aboute it can any one help me sort it out.

  19. Hey, I'm 16 and living in the UK,I have spoken to my school councellor about changing my sex, however I only ever wear womens clothes at home, also I have found out it will take years before I even start HRT, so is there anyway of stopping puberty to prevent changes?

  20. hi, im 20 and have wanted this since I was like,5. unfortunatelu my mother n father were prejudice....but now im on my own...and where and how do I begin hrt?

  21. Hi, I'm 22 and I have wanted to become a woman for quite some time. Unfortunately I am somewhat muscular due to years of athletic training. Will HRT help get rid of all the muscle? Is there anything else that can be done?

  22. Corey a.k.a Egypt

    Please email me,, I have few questions. I think the void I have been looking for in my life that I am a women. Please help me.


  23. hello i am not american, i am korean and live in korea,
    i am sorry about my poor english writings, please understand me ㅠ-ㅠ
    your writings about transexual people is really helpful to me ^^ Thank
    especially As known, the best moment to begin hormone replacement therapy (aka the first step towards the male-to-female transition) is at the beginning of the puberty (around the age of 12-13). Beginning with that age, the body starts to produce testosterone, testosterone being the male hormone responsible for the secondary male gender characteristics (wide shoulders, large hands, male voice and so on and so forth)<- especially, this part is really helful to me
    becuz i am worried about my brother he is a 6grade in elementary school now(13years)
    he is not sure about his identity, but he has pretty face like girl and feminine characteristic, don't like sports and he wants to be looked pretty and cute from people, also he don't like girls.
    I think he is a little different from other boys
    So i want to help him to realize his sexual identity earlier.
    because many transexaul people realize their sexual identity after
    puberty. but i think its late for start hormone theraphy after the secondary male gender characteristics (wide shoulders, large hands, male voice and so on and so forth).
    how can i help him to realize his identity earlier?
    i want to help him to start hormone theraphy as soon as possible.
    Sorry for my bad english writing

  24. Leah if you have red about hrt or seen videos on youtube aabout it you will relise that hrt will refuwse male mussels enuff to that of a more femanin mussels and your skin will become notasabely smother and softer but i not a doctor or a hrrt spashialest i would highly seek out medical advice from a profesinal or somebody who has exp with hrt

  25. Hi :)

    I'm 20 and will be 21 this upcoming November. For the longest time I've felt uncomfortable being categorized as male. I know I'm a two-spirit or rather, a female spirit. The thought of being partnered with a gay male disgusts me lol. I've been thinking of started entry-level hormones, however I would do this with no support from my family & though I've accepted this. I'm planning on moving to San Francisco, my logical family is there and support who I really am. I'm already somewhat feminine (full lips, fine body hair) I do suffer from acne-prone skin though. I'm thinking of talking to my doctor. Do you think it's a good time for me to do this? Would it help my acne? I just don't want to end up a 40 year old male with a beer belly and a receding hairline, the thought of being a physical male just depresses me. I don't care to be the prettiest woman, I just want to be very androgynous. Tell me what you think, Thank you!

  26. I am 65 (in April, 2012).

    I later discovered in life that my Mother wanted a Girl, so she dressed me as one, until I had to go to Infants' School.

    Throughout my life, I have had an overwhelming urges to dress as a woman. And I have done so, in secret (although I went out in Public, at night). At age 30, my Psychiatrist said that I was 'cross-dressing' as an "antipressant". There's something in that, as I don't feel the need for antidepressant tablets when I cross-dress.

    I used to get "wolf-whistles' from young guys, when I was younger (and prettier). It would have to be a dark night to achieve the same, now !!!

    The strange thing is, I am NOT attracted to Guys in any way. I love the female form ... and I wish that I had one. But I allow myself to be used by guys ... it feels 'sexy' (degrading, but sexy - maybe I have low self-esteem ?).

    My upbringing was 'sexless'. Father and Mother slept in separate bedrooms - Mother was 42 when I was born, Father was 38. No obvious signs of affection.

    There has been no time, since I was aged 8, that I haven't wanted (a) some form of bondage and (b) to dress as a woman.

    Any suggestions, before I do something drastic ?

    Pauline (NOT my given name)

  27. Hi There..thank you for the lovely information. I am pretty big guy and tall as well. I weigh about 391 and I am probably am 6'4 anyway for many years I have wanting to be more feminine and more like a woman and finally I started to see a gender specialist at the University of Minnesota. It's a slow start but I am getting finally..I only had 1 session with her and I am going to have another one sometime Oct 1st. I wanted to add that I have pretty big feet..I fit somewhere between 15 and 16 wide..yeah my body is big and I hate an early age I had a emotional breakdown and I started crossdressing just to feel better with myself...everytime I look at other in there so feminine girlish ways, and body and figure and there movements and actions..I wanted to be just like them but my family didn't approve..there were against it and didn't support it..and I felt lost, conflicted, confused with these feelings..I hated myself so bad. I hated my body, my mind, everything about me. I only wished to be someone else..someone that was happy and felt a lot of women..I was jealous of them because I wanted to become so much like them. I feel so trapped and lonely. Please help this girl trapped inside to be free from the darkness that lyes from within. I have been going through so much stress and depression and I know becoming a full-fledged 100% woman will help me in so many ways. I am 25 years old and I need all the help and support and the guidance, etc that I can get..thank you so much for listening and being part of my story..I have shared with you. I will be so lost if I couldn't get the help I can get.

  28. hello friends,
    i am from india. I started crossdressing at the age of 15. From that i always have an urge towards crossdressing, i get red handed while wearing my moms bra. Now i am 23, still wearing girly things. Now i think i want to look me feminine, help me frnds . My parents dont want me to change.please help me frnds.

  29. hi, i began my transition at 21 and had breast implants done at 22. i am 26 now and i pass perfectly, i will be female until i die. if you start young like before age 25 you can pull it off very well usually. i do not reccomend starting in youru 40s or older i know you are female inside but at this point you will not pass and will be picked on a lot.

    if you are young and want to start hormones without seeing a doctor to go through all the hoops, you can order them online. at 21 i used to order estradiol and cyproterone acetate pills. i later had a very easy time getting them from a doctor since he knew i was already on hormones of my own choice and would do them with or without a prescription, so he just made it simpler and gave me a prescription.

    now at 26 i am a blonde bombshell with DD breasts and i am also planning facial surgery to further improve my looks. it is possible to make it work girls just dont wait too late in life.

  30. I'm a 41 years old mtf and hope to start HRT next week. (this posted in Jan 2013). I consider myself lucky that I do not have too large feet: size 40.5 (EU sizing) feet, and 5'5" high.

    I am very lean with measurements of 34" nipple to nipple, 31" rib cage, 27" waist and a 36" hip. I do not know whether this is a normal size.

    With regards to Ashley's comments above about don't leaving it too late. Don't. I agree with her! However I did not know who I was at her age (21). I just knew I differed from others, and was subsequently picked on. I spend many years in denial. If you are older, and are strong inside, then consider transitioning just a little step at a time, until you are certain.

    One thing to consider of course is, depending on your mental state: You have managed for 40 years already like this - Maybe you can manage for another 40 years: This may well be well worth considering if you are married or have young children (who require a father figure until they have at least left collage ;) )!

    Picked on/ Being bullied/ Attached in the street: As noted before, if you are starting later in life, then it may be wise to keep some savings aside for facial feminisation procedures! I shall ;)

    Best of luck and success to everyone on their chosen path whether they choose to transition or not.


  31. @Pauline September 19, 2012 at 12:44 am

    Please have yourself referred to a psychologist who _specialises_ in transgender people.


  32. Hello, I came across this article while researching hormone replacement therapy (MTF). This is the fourth or fifth time I've spent hours researching. I am 19 years old going to be 20 in March. My orientation is bisexual, but publicly I'm straight. Unfortunately I do not have any real support if I were to undergo HRT, and few people even know my true orientation.

    I'll admit I'm not the most girly person, but I definitely feel my personality could fit either gender. At this moment I tell myself just live life as boy and you'll be comfortable when you're older. But I can't stop wondering if I'd truly be happier as the opposite gender. Most people I usually wish I were are female celebrities.

    Such as Zooey Deschanel and LIGHTS. I've also assumed the other sex role in video games just for fun. Multiple times on the MMORPG - Runescape, I had convinced many males I was actually a female. Though I still don't know if anything I've experienced is serious enough to go forth with HRT. I'm naturally a shy person so it's a very tough decision, but some of the shyness, I feel, is actually because I'm not comfortable with who I am and how people perceive me as.

    I've also have history of negativity towards my orientation from my mother and my past partner. My mother would just tell me it's a phase and actually threatened to call the cops to a guy I was texting. She would even give me crap about my interested in including males on facebook. My partner was also against me being bi at first but she had adjusted to it with me mentally and romantically.

    I grew up straight due to my environment and family, but I started almost obsessively flirting with guys when I was 13. That was when the "phase" started and actually a had a few friends believe they were bi at the same time I did.

    Though I seem to be the only actual remaining bisexual from our little bi-club. So I now have no idea where to start to begin understanding my own feelings and possible happiness of being a girl. Which brings me the reason to why I felt compelled to comment, I am looking for help.

    If you would like to chat with me and help me out you can email me at

  33. Hi I'm a 24 year old male from central africa... excuss my english it is jot very good ,but I'm soon getting there.. I've always been inspired by the lives of fashion models ect and have always deep down felt like I could pass as a female model... I'm about 1;75m tall tinny waist cute femake feature and a pettite body...... I don't want to grow bigg breasts as I'm my familly gene most women end up growing big breasts... I want medium to small one, my qeustion would I still stand a chance to pass as a lady if I started the hormone treatment without anyone knowing but I want to go off radar for sometime...

  34. The best time to transition is when you feel able to.

  35. Hi I am 23 years old male I naver wear woman dress I have a strong feeling from one side of my brain love were woman dress and I like to watch transgender woman from YouTube and manny time when I was saw transgender woman YouTube my mind want to become a sexy woman and work with sex man and I spoiler when I was saw trans woman can you what situation my. Brain I am looking mtf woman 23 years old one i think if I get a partner mtf they have me a dress up make up come to me public

  36. At age 58 will my breasts and hip size still increase with hormone therapy?

  37. Hi, I am a 39 year old male. Ever since I can remember I have felt I should have been born a female. When i was little i can remember playing with the girls in my neighborhood instead of with the boys. We would play with dolls, play house and dress up. It made me feel normal. As I got a little older I would skip out of school just to go home and dress up before my parents got home from work. I was so afraid to tell my parents especialy my dad. I just knew he would not agree with it at all. So I learned to hide it very very well. After highschool I moved out and really began to unleash my inner woman. I dressed up as often as I could. It seamed like the more I would do that the more I felt guilty so I stopped and thought I should really be the man that society as well as my family needed me to be. I tried so hard to harbor all of my feminnine thoughts and feeling but it really began to take it toll on me.

    when I was 21 I got married to my 1st wife. All I told her was I like to cross dress and she reluctantly acceppted it. The marriage lasted one year. I began drinking a lot. when I was 23 I met my 2nd wife. I tried so hard to hide it from her but after about 3 or 4 months of dating I decided to tell her and she too reluctantly accepted it. I dressed up in front of her only a few times. But again I felt ashamed and guilty. So I put it all away for a long time. We got married and had 3 beautiful kids together. I thought this is what I needed to make my feminnine feeling to go away forever. But NO that didn't work. The longer I hid it the more misserable i felt inside. And it reflected in my marriage in my work and in my everyday life. I began abusing perscription medication and drinking a lot. Our marriage ended in Divorce after 7 years.

    Right after she left I exploded out of my shell and began to seek out professional help. I immediately was put on 1.25mg of Premarin as I started taking it I felt so Awesome and normal. But that only lasted for a few months. I was still afraid of my family finding out and dissowning me. So I moved to be closer to my kids and again hid my trueself from my family and society. And of course the longer I hid it the worse and more misserable I was. I wanted to just give up. I really abused prescription meds and alcohol at this point in my life. I just didn't care anymore.

    Now at the of 39 I have met the most incredible woman in the world. She is truly the love of my life. I told her everything and I mean everything. And she whole heartedly accepted all of it. Her and I even go shopping together for woman's clothes for me. She wants me to be myself and to be happy. I am in the process of beginning my transition. I am going to start HRT ASAP...

    That is basicly my life in a nut shell. However, I did leave out a lot of experiences both good and bad but writing all of it would have taken longer than I really care to write. lol... I guess the point I am trying to make is it's never to late to be yourself and to be happy. Me being a woman really makes me happy and complete and I feel normal. Ever since I told My GF and she accepted it I have not at all had any urges to abuse any type of substance. I can FINALLY be myself.

    Thanks for reading

    Sandi Danielle..

  38. I am also 24 years old and I have just come out, not to family but a couple friends and a support group, that I want to transition. I know the optimal time would have been the start of puberty, but appearance wise when I was more fit I had a body that resembled that of a woman in shape. I always wondered why the doctor always told me when I asked why I couldn't build muscle like my brother and he always told me I didn't have the body to be able to build like a man does. Maybe my body was supposed to be that of a woman.

  39. These stories all taste familiar. To those asking questions, there is probably a transgender support group in your area for help. If you think you want to transition, you should contact one of these groups (google them) and find out which psychologists do gender dysphoria issues in your area. Plan to spend more than a few sessions exploring this with the pro psych. This is not a lark. It is life changing and if entered into lightly, could be dangerous. Do not buy hormones on the underground market! You need to be followed by an endocrinologist! There are some dangers involved, so to minimize the risk, you will need proper medical advice.

    If you are under 30, you will probably be able to pass after about 3-5 years of hrt. If you are over 30, sorry girls. I am almost 60 and after 3 years of psychotherapy, I have decided to embark upon the sea of girl juice, but I will be taking a very low dose. This is because I want the mental benefits of hrt, but I am less concerned with tits and fair skin, because whatever I do at this age, the best I can hope for is to look like a man in a dress. I know some girls who have transitioned late in life and are ok with the man in a dress look, but I have other reasons for putting off the full effect. I love my wife dearly. She is hetero. She did not sign up to be married to a girl. So, I will be taking a low dose of estradiol, prometrium and instead of an antiandrogen I have opted for suprefact. This will lower testosterone production, not block it like, say, spironolactone. I should be able to remain sexually functional (with viagra) for my wife with this protocol.

    For the younger, single trans, GO FOR IT! You can still be a pretty girl! I wish I had been born in the 90s instead of the 50s. I would have been fabulous!

  40. i just wanted to ask that, where will i buy this HRT because im so very excited to become a female one.. or is there any markets that i can buy this?

  41. Your blogs and information, are useful. I appreciate reading stories and the experiences, of other people. I'm in South Africa,on HRT now for 3mnths. And it's interesting, exciting, sometimes a bit much, other times high frequency, likes. My life too, was dictated to by church, a tactless mom, abusive dad. Had serious impact on my emotional stability. And self-esteem. There is nothing to be embarassed about. People of color, familiarity experiences. Speak of poor backgrounds, abuse, denial, societal force, religion, work, family and friends. I have accepted my walk in life. Why other people, are offended by transsexuals? Is awe to me, fathers, expecting their gene to be granded with kids 'n a wife. Used to make me feel ewww! I wanit' to hurl at the imagined thought. My loves, varied. Not anymore. I prefer Caucasian men. I enjoy their company and ways. Friends,are thethere bt few, who reallyn relate. To understand.I have great expectations of my journey. And I'm glad to have shared, read and learnt, from other people here.

  42. I feel very much the same. Although my wife seems not to be unhappy with me dressed and in makeup without hormone my femiine appearance outside won't pass....Where do I begin with hormone therapy....

  43. I'm 44 and have been cross-dressing and publicly passing as female since 13 years old. i've never used hormones and have had no surgeries. i would never use HRT because i've read about the horrific side effects and I think any responsible medical authority would strongly discourage transgender people from taking this route - this stuff can cause cancers and heart disease because you're just changing one element of the complex physiology of the body without adjusting all the other elements. the fact is that the main differences between male and female appearances have to do with six basic things: 1) proportions - the male upper body is longer and the hips narrower with respect to the shoulders, the female rear end juts out further, and the female body is much narrower at the waist; 2) facial features -, women have a smoother brow and rounded forehead profile, larger eyes, less prominent and pointier chin, more softly angled jaw, narrower, more delicate nose, higher, more prominent cheekbones and smaler space between the upper lip and the nose; 3) softer hair that doesn't go bald, and women have little or no body hair or facial hair and softer skin; 4) the female hands and feet are smaller; 5) because women's hips are so much wider the rear end tends to swing much more widely and women can more easily cross their legs all the way over; 6) women have larger, softer, rounder breasts. The best route for males wanting to transition to female is 1) don't life weights but stick with low intensity aerobic exercise; 2) use wigs and hair extensions; 3) use shapewear and perhaps minor surgeries to get the right body shapes; keep your body hair waxed; 4) use cosmetics and or minor surgeries to re-proportion your facial features; 5) have your facial hair removed and keeop your eyebrows plucked;6) use emollients to keep the skin as soft as possible; 7) eat and drink well -- don't starve yourself, let your body carry a certain amount of fat under the skin; 8) use bras and breast forms to fill out your chest but don't go over the top, and do low intensity exercises that promote a fuller shape to the pectorals; 9) learn to walk like a woman without exaggerating. Why mess up your body and take unnecessary health risks? And why give up your male physical strength and sexual potency? If you look at women a lot of them look more masculine than you do -- the difference is learning to let yourself feel 100% feminine!

  44. hi im a 13 year old boy I've recently began therapy and when i finish ill be going to a different school hopefully as a girl.I was scared for years to come because of my dad but he is kinda ok with it i hpe to be able to finish therapy soon ibe been going for a couple months. :) ~Amanda

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