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LGBT bars and dark rooms

Dark room.

LGBT bars and dark rooms

June 17, 2010 |  by

As most of you already know, almost all of the LGBT bars come with a dark room. What is this dark room actually? Well... it`s a room which is dark, hehe. Here people gather when they get too turned on and they do whatever crosses their mind, and because it`s dark nobody can see them so well. I really disagree with dark rooms for more than one reason and I will tell you why in this article.

Dark rooms are also called back rooms and they are usually part of a club where lots of people come in order to have fun and then, when they`re drunk enough they can go back there and find a partner. The first reason why I totally disagree with dark rooms is that in the "mating nest" you won`t even see who you are having an intercourse with, and this is why people often forget about protection and then bad things happen. It is important to play safe, especially for those gay men who frequently use dark rooms or other facilities such as this one.

Second of all, I think that two people can be intimate at home as well. I`m sure that they can wait until they get home to satisfy their needs, but I do not understand why some gay men (and not only gay men!) prefer enjoying dark rooms instead of their beds at home . Would anybody be so kind as to explain me this thing? Is it all about adrenaline and exposing themselves in front of other people?

Besides this, dark rooms vary according to the club and the location. Some of them are exclusively designed for fetishists, while others for people who like doing it "the train way", or in group. It`s still weird if you ask me, and first time a dark room was built was back in the 60`s. People seem to have thought about it all since the very beginning, hm? It`s just my personal opinion when I say that I disagree with dark rooms, but I`d really want you to tell me I`m wrong as long as you can come with competent and true arguments in order to make me change my opinion!

The thing that makes most bars and clubs so interesting, generally speaking, is the darkness inside and the low light. People can barely see themselves and same goes for dark rooms. Maybe I`m wrong and my perception towards this thing is a bit distorted, but I really can`t see how a dark room can be a great place for mating inside a club. But maybe it`s just me, hehe.

To sum up, I think that one of the main purposes of a LGBT blog is to express our thoughts and feelings without any restraints. I`d like to have conversations with all sorts of people on different topics, and dark rooms is a topic where I think there`s much to talk about when it comes to privacy and safety.

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  1. Dark rooms were originally called Tea Rooms. They are a remnant of the early closeted days of homosexuality. The only way to understand where we are is to understand where we were. I recommend Before Stonewall. There was gay bars open and running before the sixties. They are not typical of gay bars on the east coast, yet you will find them in the older establishments.

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