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Is There Such Thing as Love at First Sight?

Love at First Sight - Myth or Reality?

Is There Such Thing as Love at First Sight?

July 25, 2010 |  by

People talk about the "quelque chose" or "serendipity" that instantly occures when you see somebody that you like. It`s some sort of device inside of you that clicks and tells you "girl, he`s the one, go for him!" and before you know it, you fall in love. This is what love at first sight supposes, falling madly in love with somebody when you see him or her for the very first time. It can happen to anybody and anywhere: at the theater, at work, on the street, at the butcher`s, even at Church! On the other hand, some say that love at first sight is nothing but a myth. Is it really like this?

Even scientists have struggled to demonstrate that there`s  chemistry happening when you see somebody that you like, and they quite managed to make their point, saying it`s all about the brain. Lots of people prefer to remain skeptic when it comes to love at first sight, but I strongly believe that it`s more than we can understand, it`s some sort of connection that occurs only once in a life time. I say this because you probably know that in every single couple there is a connection between lovers, something beyond our understanding. Did it ever occur to you to call your lover and he was calling you in the same time? Or send each other text messages in the same time? Same goes for love at first sight, it`s a complex thing.

I`ve heard people saying that love at first sight depends on our mood: if we`re  happy and optimistic, it`s more likely to meet somebody and experience love at first sight, while if you`re sad, depressed and you never raise your head when you`re walking on the street, it`s likely that love at first sight won`t occur to you. It is logical that when you`re optimistic, you attract positive energy and you`re prone to falling in love. Of course, this won`t happen if you got your mind on something else such as work issues and the last thing in the world you`d think of is love at first sight.

Talking about brains now, it is known that the brain is the most important and complex organ of the human body. Well, it seems to be held responsible for the reactions that take place when experiencing love at first sight, too, because in only a few seconds your brain can analyze the looks of an individual and see if he or she matches your perfect picture of HIM/HER.

If you ask me, I`m sure that it`s a matter of karma combined with lots of good luck when you experience love at first sight. I mean, hundreds of thousands of people say that they simply came across their loved ones and knew it since the very first moment they saw each other, and what are the chances for this to happen if you`re in a huge city with thousands of single men and women? It must be something above us all that controls everything or so, `cause otherwise I can`t explain it!

Love at first sight is another obvious proof that appearance does matter, and quite a lot. Everybody can fall in love at first sight, all you need to do is to keep on being optimistic and you never know when luck will hit you!

Have you ever experienced love at first sight, or do you have friends who did? Share your stories!

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  1. My fiance and I both experienced love at first sight. He saw me from across a college lawn and I saw him about 6 months later in the student center. I turned and looked into his huge blue eyes and felt like I'd been struck by lightning. I knew he was THE ONE and it was the most terrifying thing ever! I immediately started worrying about screwing things up with him... which I did, but five years later we got together again and I've never been happier :)

  2. Certainly! Love at first sight happened once before, it can certainly happen again. The love never failed, but the marriage shook free while changing gender gears.

  3. I think that love at first sight is slightly confused with attraction. I mean - when you see someone that pleases your eyes and has that "thingy" that can not be described in words... you feel the "love".

    Love, in my opinion, isn't something that can happen all of a sudden, from one moment to another. First is the attraction, then come the glue that make things settle down and love to come.

    So, it is correct "love at first sight" or rather should we tell it "bidirectional attraction"?

    (ok, I don't wanna demolish the concept, but to make things a bit clearer)

  4. Yes I am in favor of gay marriages! I do not believe that anyone should be singled out because of their lifestyle, life choices or other differences. I am an African American heterosexual...go figure,,

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