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Gay-radar, Bisexual-radar... Trans-radar?

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Gay-radar, Bisexual-radar... Trans-radar?

July 11, 2010 |  by

Yesterday I was chatting with somebody about this 6th sense people from the  LGBT community have. Actually, there`re two types of 6th senses: One of them when you feel like you`ve met your Prince Charming, Cinderella or whatever (this applies to everybody, gay, straight, bisexual but it usually fails, LOL) and the other one is related to sexuality. I read some articles about gay guys "smelling" other gay guys even if they were perfectly masculine and there wasn`t anything to betray their true identity. How can this happen? I guess that there`s more than this gaydar, there`s gotta be a bisexual radar or transgender radar too, I mean... it`d be fair, hehe.

So, everybody`s talking about gay guys and gaydar. Picture this: you`re walking down the street, coming back from work and all of a sudden something catches your attention: a tall muscled guy is just passing by you, but he doesn` t even look at you. Yet, you got this feeling that he`s gay, and it happens to be wrong quite rare. Same goes for transgender people, we can smell bisexual guys thanks to our incorporated bisexual-dar (sounds weird, but still). Some sort of advanced, invisible radar device that seldom fails.

If you`ve seen the Queer as Folk TV series, you must know then that Brian Kinney had this advanced gaydar and he was really able to tell who`s gay or bisexual. There were some studies made in Philadelphia in order to demonstrate whether there is actually a gay radar or not, and it seems that this intuitive ability to figure out who`s gay, bisexual, transgender or straight actually exist among the members of the LGBT community. Reasonable explanations for this fact haven`t been exposed so far, but scientists still work on discovering what is it that makes gay and bisexual people so accurate at identifying their "relatives".

I assume that transgender people must have this radar as well, right? All you have to do is to look good and have some trust in your abilities. In the end, if your bisexual-radar fails and a straight guy is actually straight... I bet that he can be "corrupted" with the right methods, and if you`re good at doing this, a guy will turn you down for being a transgender.
What do you think, do these gay-radar, bisexual-radar and transgender-radar actually exist? Did it ever happen to you to assume a guy is bisexual or gay although he wasn`t anything like the well-known stereotypes, and you were right about it? I`d like to hear your opinions about this matter!

P.S.: Even if you can bet that a guy is gay or bisexual, try not to go straight to him and ask him out. Your intuition may play tricks on you, and you wouldn`t want to get punched in the face now, would you?

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