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Youngest transgender icon - Kim Petras!

Kim Petras

Youngest transgender icon - Kim Petras!

June 3, 2010 |  by

Kim Petras
shocked the entire world last year when she was the youngest transgender to have a SRS. She was 16 back then and I have to say that besides her great voice, her beauty is stunning! I love her appearance, she is so natural and intelligent. I`m sure that in the next few years she will be a pop princess and Britney Spears will be nothing but history. Here I am going to present you some information about Kim Petras and also my personal opinion.

Kim Petras was born Tim Petras in August 1992 (she`ll be 18 this summer). Kim Petras is a beautiful german transgender girl who is now one of the most known transgenders all over the network. Since her surgery back in 2009, she was invited to take part to all sorts of reality shows both in Germany and abroad and share her life experience with other people and possibly with other teenage transgenders that are in the same situation. Besides that, there were many interviews in which Kim Petras took part since 2006.

"Last Forever", "Fade away" or "When dreams come true" are only three of the most known songs of Kim Petras, songs that got a great number of listeners on both Youtube and Myspace. I have listened to these songs and I must say that I like the lyrics and the voice of Kim Petras is very feminine, due to the fact that she started hormone therapy at a very young age (13 or so).

News channels all over the world were thrilled to present the story of Kim Petras, who they believe to be the next music star in the pop industry. Since the image of Kim Petras was so advertised, the offers from music producers must have kept pouring and so did critics from other parents that think it is not normal for a child of that age to take decisions so important that may affect her entire life in the future.

Worldwide, there are hundreds of teenage transgenders that are anxiously waiting to turn 18 so that they can have the transgender surgery which will turn them in women. Kim Petras was invited to a spanish show where she talked about her life, her surgery and also her sentimental life. During the show, numerous parents called and asked her questions because they wanted to know more about the surgery and the hormone therapy, their children being transgenders as well.

To sum up, I`d like to say that Kim Petras seems to have a very bright future. Beauty, looks, brains and voice are the main qualities a star must have and fortunately she has all of them. If you ask me, transgender teenagers like Kim Petras should be invited to all sorts of shows just to widen some minds and explain the people that there is not wrong in being a transgender. Thanks to her open minded parents, Kim Petras is now a happy, teenager girl with a promising future in the music career. Way to go, Kim Petras!

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  1. The whole way this seemy business was handled, (i.e. its pop Star succsess) seems to have been purposley contrived to Psychologically damage young children (Quite badly too. . . Just wait). My Personal belief is that this incident and the jewesses (Sayanim's) in california with the little "boy" (who I believe to have been born a girl) are working with the Christian Right (Theocrats and Facists) to undermine our liberal freedoms gained over the course of several centuries. Kim's family are more than likley to be a "Gladio" sleeper family and that this is what constitutes a "Black Op" nowadays. Naturally this will all go horribly wrong (by design) at some point and the "Decent people" of the right will have to step in and "shore up" things again on Q. Like for instance one of these little "Elagabaluses" realising what a terrible mistake theve made , or a suicide perhaps, or a string of them. Our western Governments cant afford the Law Suits either. . . Potentially Devastating if you think about it. The thing about "Gladio Family's" is that they are made up of Jesuits, Ultra Montanes, Catholic Reconstructionists and right Wing Pentacostals, (and their willing and not so willing "allies"). . . They are secretly funded by NATO and with this "Petras" cult, i.e. "The Stone that fell from heaven" , they seem to be replicating the tactics of extreme Russian Nihilism of the 19th century, and in addition setting up the "Abomination that (Literally Does !) cause desolation" i.e. a craze/cult of Stupid nordic children turning themselves willingly into Olm's. Anyone who approves of this is a categorical Pedophile and deserves to be painlessly Euthanized, for Hygene's sake. . .Because this is truly an Abomination, not just to the filthy horny Christian daddy's that just want their kids to "get off the bloody grass" and get them into church, but to decsent civilized Liberal's too! Christian dads use these types of black ops on a smaller scale on their own Kids. . .It is Known as "Putt'n the fear of god into em"
    All I'm saying is that this whole Episode was designed to create its own Facist Backlash upon itself, What these Schizophregenics are trying to do is force us free spirits into a loose loose situation. . .Its either God or Satan. . . Its either Jesus or Elagabalus. . .Those Right Wing Christian Creeps!
    Note to the gay's: be "liberal" not "licentious" as they (the Right)Will give you enough rope to hang yourselves with, they are sick of you and will try anything. . .Adieu freinds

  2. Oh how I wish this was available to me back in the 50's or 60's when I was young.

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