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Is Justin Bieber Gay?

Is Justin Bieber Gay?

July 5, 2012 |  by

Type in “Is Justin Bieber gay?” and 23,400 videos will pop up on YouTube debating where Bieber is gay or not. Throughout numerous websites online, Internet users speculate over whether Justin Bieber came out last year on Oprah. Although these rumors are abundant online, in reality it seems like Internet users may be disappointed. As it currently stands, Justin Bieber is not gay.

Oprah Rumors: Did he Come Out?

One of the most often cited rumors on the Internet is that Justin Bieber came out on Oprah. On May 1, 2010, Justin Bieber made his appearance on Oprah. In introducing him, Oprah brings up his hometown roots and rise to stardom. According to People Magazine, Justin Bieber was one of the top pop stars in the world in 2010. By the age of 12, he came in second in a local singing contest which his mom posted on YouTube. From this moment onward, Justin Bieber started his rapid rise to fame.

According to rumors, Justin Bieber came out on Oprah. After watching the video, these rumors can be dismissed. Although Oprah has an in depth interview with him, Bieber never comes out.

Justifications for the Rumors

Online users source their rumors to the way Bieber acts. From his hairstyle to how his mannerisms, users believe that his entire persona is proof that Justin Bieber is gay. Pop music has been a popular choice for gay clubs and bars around the country for years now. As a singer of primarily pop music, Justin Bieber’s hallmark sound has come under fire as additional evidence of his homosexual leanings.

Although Justin Bieber is a Christian, he believes that sexual orientation is each person’s own choice. Keeping in line with his ideals, he has donated money to the It Gets Better Project. This organization is known for its work at preventing suicides and suicide attempts among youth in the LGBT community.

Current Sweetheart

Rumors began in 2010 about Justin Bieber’s latest sweetheart. The beautiful Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber began their relationship officially in March of 2011. The two pop stars were recently spotted taking a vacation together in California. Currently, the couple has been an item for the last year and a half. From paparazzi photos of the couple strolling hand in hand to snapshots of their dates, there seems to be few questions over the validity of their relationship.

The Results: Bieber is not Gay

Justin Bieber has donated money to an LGBT organization and he sings pop music. Taken together, the behavior might be suspicious. During no point in time has Justin Bieber ever come out as gay. Although he supports individual’s choice to be gay, he is presently dating the lovely Selena Gomez. Rumors about his sexuality are just that: rumors. Bieber never came out on Oprah or in any other public venue.

Considering that sexual orientation can change, there is always the possibility that Justin Bieber may come out of the closet in the future. Despite all of the controversy and speculation otherwise, Bieber has not switched to the other team yet.

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  1. Justin Beiber invented gay. How could you see him as straight. looks more like a gay rapist than a cute guy. Proof his gay: Dated Selena Gomez.

  2. Justin Bieber invented gay. How could you see him as straight. looks more like a gay rapist than a cute guy. Proof his gay: Dated Selena Gomez.

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